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Fishing Lake of the Woods

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"It Only Takes One Cast"

Fishing Lake of the Woods - Centre Island South, A premium resort fishing lodge located in the center of Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada that has been providing elegant experiences for more than 50 years. Lake of the Woods contains more than 14,000 islands and is home to eagles, black bear, deer, beaver and other wildlife, the real proprietors of the lake’s natural beauty. It is also renowned as one of North America’s premier fishing lakes. Everyone who has ever dreamed of a fishing resort in a north woods paradise teeming with walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike and musky has dreamed of awakening here. At Centre Island South, serenity, quality and value all come together in an experience that will fill your memory for a lifetime. Visit with us one time and we will share the beauty and mystique of this special lake. Our Centre Island South guides know this lake intimately. They know its islands, reefs, points and bays, as well as the seasonal patterns of each type of fish. During your stay with us, they will reveal their secret sweet spots to you. After your first experience with us you will understand why we say:  “It Only Takes One Cast! ®”Centre Island South extends a warm invitation to you. Please join us for both the trip and the memory of a lifetime – no matter how many times you return.Sincerely,Todd and Kim Powassin​