"It Only Takes One Cast"

The Lodge

The rustic landscape of pines, cedar and birch trees of the north woods growing upward around Lake of the Woods presents a stark counterpoint to the immense blue sky and the seemingly endless water of the lake. But, if you are expecting to “rough it” during your stay with us then you will have to modify your expectations. Centre Island South is a unique destination: a 5,500 square foot lodge set on a 34- acre island. Our lodge is recognized as an exclusive fishing resort.

It is our mission to ensure every aspect of your group’s experience here is absolutely perfect from arrival to departure. At Centre Island South we accommodate only one group at a time, so all of our attention during your stay is focused only on you. There is an eight-person minimum per group at Centre Island South, 6 people can be accommodated at extra rate (see Rates & Payment info). This means that our typical staff-to-guest ratio is one-to-one.

Outside the lodge you will revel in the morning salutation of hummingbirds and flowers and, of course, the beautiful lake before you. In the evening, relaxing by the fire, or in the hot tub under the stars can put the finishing touches on a glorious day.

A Centre Island South Day

Over many years of serving groups at Centre Island South we find that most guests prefer a similar daily schedule. Here are some general highlights that may describe any given day at our Lodge:

  • Enjoying morning coffee on the deck while watching the sunrise over the lake; a breathtaking beginning to a day on Lake of the Woods.
  • Our guests typically enjoy a day that begins with breakfast – always a special meal at Centre Island South.
  • Around 9:00 a.m., or shortly thereafter, most groups depart the dock to fish.
  • Our guides predetermine a rendezvous place and time for a Centre Island South shore lunch.
  • After a day on the lake, Centre Island South guests often enjoy beverages and hors d’oeuvres before dinner. The hot tub is available for our guests to use at any time during their visit.
  • Some groups choose to have a late afternoon dinner then return to the lake for evening fishing; but most prefer to sit on the deck and look forward to a beautiful sunset over the water.
  • Our guides are equipped with a camera for each boat.  Photos are collected daily and photo highlights of the day’s activities are shown each evening. At the end of the stay Centre Island South provides one flash-drive per group of all photos taken during your Centre Island South experience.

The experience

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If your group has a preferred schedule for meals, fishing or other activities during your visit to Centre Island South, then that will be our schedule, too. This is how we believe we can serve you best. It is also how we form rich and meaningful friendships with people from all over the world, including many who return year after year. Having friends share the experience and our love for this lake is what makes each visit so special!

For the convenience of our guests, Centre Island South provides WiFi service within the lodge area.
Cellular phone service is spotty and not available everywhere on Lake of the Woods. Guests may bring satellite phones; however, satellite service is dependent upon weather conditions and cannot be guaranteed.


Great dining is a Centre Island South hallmark. One of the special features of your trip will be the fantastic food we serve, including Kim’s homemade breads, which she takes great pride in preparing daily. Whatever meal you are enjoying at Centre Island South you can be assured that the flavors are exceptional, servings are generous and everyone is welcome to enjoy additional helpings. We prepare all meals daily on premises with fresh ingredients. Breakfast is a meal that always pleases.

Our shore lunches are a specialty for which our guides are known. Each shore lunch is unique with fresh walleye prepared differently each day. Cooked on one of the many beautiful islands on Lake of the Woods, these are our own recipes, flavorful and seasoned to perfection.

Dinner is a time for Kim’s specialty entrées and all the spectacular sides that complement each dish. Delicious desserts may include homemade sorbets and ice cream, fresh-baked lemon meringue or key lime pies. Dinner attire is casual.

You’ll have to forgive our culinary pride but the outstanding meals you enjoy here will be a highlight of your Centre Island South experience. (In fact, the stories about our great meals have been known to rival some of the fish stories we hear.)